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A Different Approach

We know only one way to transition a company facing challenges into a successful operation. That’s to jump into the trenches and get our hands dirty. We feel it’s critical to form a strong partnership with management, stakeholders and staff in order to effectively implement structural and operational changes. And you can’t do that from a downtown office tower.

Point of Difference
Investment Criteria

Success is sometimes only a matter of inches.

There’s no two ways around it. In order to implement a rapid transition to success, we go where others are unwilling to go.  Deep into daily operations.

We start with the little things. Like examining how much more capacity could we get into a warehouse by moving the shelves six inches closer together. Or how much it would matter if we could freeze product 10 minutes faster than the competition.

There’s a way to make every operation more profitable. Our job is to find it and provide the manpower, moxie and resources to make it happen.

Strong partnerships lead to strong companies.

It’s not management by balance sheet that affects real change.  And it’s not strong-arm tactics. It’s forming a meaningful bond with management that leads to the alignment of objectives and ultimately long-term success.

So we become fixtures in the hallways. We work diligently to gain a deep understanding of the day-to-day. That allows us to identify key members and implement important areas of organizational and operational improvement that directly impact  profitability.

Possibly most importantly, our founders and operational pros have deep backgrounds and category experience enabling a quick understanding and smooth, successful transition.

A well-defined vision.

Some say we’ve got a sixth sense for opportunities. Truth is, we’re just good at focusing on what we do best. So we don’t waste time pursuing poor fits.

Our goal is to find fundamentally good companies facing operational or financial transition.  Whether caused by a generational shift or lack of liquidity to invest in their own business, we provide working capital, new systems, or restructuring dollars.

Typically our investments have the following criteria:

Our preferred sectors include